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★ BIG FAT Voluminous CURLS HAIRSTYLE | How To Soft Curl | Ombre Hairstyles

VPFashion Ombre Extensions! http://goo.gl/7evDLf Get -OFF with CODE: tinalee ( open this for more info) Hair tutorial; how to curl your hair to create big, voluminous curls hairstyle. Cute…
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  1. MakeupWearables Hairstyles

    This comment is for “Pinktntz.” Your comment didn’t have a reply button –
    drugstore priced curling iron – get Hot Tools. I posted which one you
    should get on my blog post (scroll down to the bototm )

  2. Again, thank you so much for this gorgeous hair tutorial …. You look
    gorgeous as always. 

  3. Cordelia Ritchie

    What is the song in the background 

  4. MakeupWearables Hairstyles

    New #hair tutorial! See how you can curl your hair to get big, fat,
    voluminous curls! I’m using ombre hair extensions here.. but you can
    totally do this without it.

    My video is late this week! Stay connected with me through Instagram and FB
    for video updates! MUAH!

    FB http://goo.gl/iHRjhA
    Insta – http://goo.gl/jSWs6Z



  5. Good video thought :3

  6. PERFECT timing(: my new curling iron came in yesterday and my friend’s
    wedding is tomorrow! Thank you!

  7. Love her hairstyles BUT….her contacts are scary! The colour is too light
    for her complexion

  8. Diana Oliveros

    When I do curls it looks frizzy and does not look cute have any tips:-) 

  9. MakeupWearables Hairstyles

    This reply is for Bipasha Haque – your comment didn’t have a reply button
    but in case you return, my current extensions are from Luxury for Princess. :) 

  10. kassadee jarrett

    Could you do this same tutorial but with a 1 1/4 curling iron with a

  11. You can always tell when curling where the natural hair ends and the
    extensions start because natural hair curls better than this POF I’m rather
    spend a little bit more money and get Valencia rose 

  12. where do you buy those silver clips that you used to hold you hair

  13. Background music? Btw… I love your tutorials so so so muchhh! :) 

  14. You’re so pretty…❤️ loved the video

  15. LovelieGirlxxx

    Waaah! So coool! I thought that was your real hair for a second in the
    beginning of the video before you said they were extensions ^^”. They’re so
    pretty and realistic! Blends in well with your real hair :) . Another great
    tutorial Tina. Can’t wait for the next! Love you~ ;D.

  16. I want see ur eye makcup video.

  17. beautiful curl. Great tutorial!

  18. Your gorgeous! Great hair tutorial (:

  19. Sydney Iannucci-Thompson

    You remind me of Jennifer Lawrence :o but these are so cute too bad my
    curling wand is super tiny 

  20. Is this song by The Vamps?

  21. Wow this curls look so bouncy and voluminous! Thanks for sharing another
    amazing tutorial! <3

  22. Can you do a Lili galichi inspired hair please? Xo

  23. Nicole Gutierrez

    pretty curls

  24. Lucky u have wen my fav

  25. Can you make a video how you do your make up plz