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Beauty Q&A w/ Sally Jo! ♡ Overrated Makeup Products, Tips & More!

Today we are answering your Q’s; perfect eyebrows, favourite drugstore products, makeup sins, zits, recommendations and more! – Follow Me Vlog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXj9J9nr-sw -…


  1. YAY! Beauty Q&A With Sally Jo :) xox

  2. iMakeupwithHeidi

    LOVE the tip for creasing under eyes! Mine are always creasing and never
    thought to hydrate them first! :) 

  3. was staring at the brunette chicks lashes zoning off

  4. Meaghan Dowling

    I love this video! And I love how you’re both on the paler side :) Helps us
    pale girls out a lot! haha

  5. I never get why people say that revlon colourstay and estee lauder double
    wear are comparable. Revlon is super liquidy compared to the double wear.
    The double wear you only need a tiny amount and it really smooths over the
    skin then sets to last forveer. I find revlons thin consistentcy means it
    ends up drying out…yet somehow also not fully setting like the double
    wear does. It doesn’t cover or last as well. Ive tried both formulas and i
    just dont get this comparison at all! I think theyre very different

  6. Does anyone think Sally looks really washed out in this video? Not washed
    out in looks but with the lighting.. It’s like foggy if that makes sense?

  7. Is chi chi sold in America?

  8. Sally looks foggy – the lighting on the right or something is weird 

  9. What self tanner is Sally Jo wearing?

  10. Katherine Nguyen

    sally jo’s eyelash is falling off…


    Any small youtubers who want to support each other?

  12. Benefit Beauty891

    OMG 3rd comment love u Shan

    PS…. Any smaller youtubers want to support eachother-thanks

  13. Katie Bambrick Beauty

    I’m with you on the Better Than Sex mascara Sally, it doesn’t work for me
    either! No idea why!

  14. AngelinaSerenaXO

    You both are gorgeous!

    I hope my channel will be as successful as yours Shan!

  15. *YouTube friends anyone????* I also make videos similar to this (:

  16. Jojoba oil irritates my face massively!! It really sucks :( 

  17. Passion 4 Fashion

    I always wanted to try chi chi! Interesting Fact: chichi actually means
    breast in slang spanish! LOL

  18. OhMyGodBrittany

    You should do overrated beauty gurus *cough *cough Lauren hmmmmmm excuse me

  19. Hit that inner eyelash with some glue. 

  20. I think the rimmel wake me up concealer is horribly over rated 

  21. Kaneshia Shana

    You both are gorgeous!!!!!

  22. Ashley Williams

    Sammy looks dusty in this vid

  23. Abbey in Wonderland

    Where did you buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit from? I really
    want to buy it but I don’t know where to get it from that ships to
    Australia. Love you videos Shan!! Xx

  24. Unnati Rathore

    “Im really pear, really apple” :p hahahahah killed me!

  25. You are both sooo gorgeous! :D