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Big Fashion Haul – January Sales!

Big Fashion Haul - January Sales!

A few things I picked up in the post-Christmas sales this year! EXPAND this box for more info & links! ALSO FIND ME HERE Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/fleurdeforce Blog: http://fleurdeforce.bl…


  1. My new haul video went up last night! A big fashion haul (and my Christmas
    presents from Mike!) http://po.st/p0dsQf

  2. Queen of Sheba

    Gorgeous things!! You look flawless. Thank you for another great video. You
    inspired me to make videos too. I’m having so much fun. Thank you. Lots of
    love from Australia xx 

  3. NEW video alert! Big Fashion Haul http://po.st/p0dsQf Some of the bargains
    I picked up in the sales! <3

  4. I’m broke as hell, so I love being able to live vicariously through you!
    It’s your money and you should buy whatever you like with it, I honestly
    don’t know what everyone’s problem is. It’s just jealousy.

    Note to commenters: Fleur is a real person with feelings. If you wouldn’t
    say it to her in person, don’t post it on her video. I was always brought
    up to believe if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
    Clearly that notion is lost on some of you.

  5. Fleur, you’re a smart girl, and you probably knew you would get slack for
    this video. Please don’t take it to heart. People can be catty, and I
    wonder the age of those leaving negative comments. We all have varying
    income brackets, and majority splurge more during Xmas if we can. You have
    great style and all your videos are made in good taste. Love your videos,

  6. Big Fashion Haul – January Sales! http://po.st/p0dsQf

  7. Wow so much hate on this one video. Personally I find nothing wrong with
    investing in a couple of timeless pieces that you can keep for years to
    come. Fleur, I hope you don’t take all these comments seriously. Just
    because people can say whatever they want does not always mean that they

  8. “If you don’t like that kind of video, click off now.” What kind of madness
    is this?! I’ve been looking forward to this haul ALL DAY :D x

  9. There are a lot of jealous people in the comments section today, ignore
    them Fleur- your taste in fashion is beautiful and you work very hard for
    your money so you spend it how you like :) we all like treats, and nobody
    has the right to judge others on how they spend their money, even if those
    people are youtubers xxx

  10. Damn, there are a lot of jealous, hateful bitches on this comments
    section…. Fleur, spend YOUR OWN DAMN MONEY however YOU please! FFS…

  11. Okay yeah maybe not everyone can afford expensive brands like Gucci, Prada,
    Givenchy, MAC, Dior, or Chloe. Not everyone can spend 500 pounds on a coat
    (although wouldn’t that be lovely.) A lot of people in this world can’t
    afford that. But you know what? Some people can, like Fleur. Fleur doesn’t
    have to go to Primark just to show a haul that all of her viewers can
    afford. That’s not her job as a youtuber. a youtuber will show clothes that
    she bought, that she can afford, and that she likes. Fleur is not obliged
    to go to Primark and drugstores to but cheap makeup and clothing for you
    all to see. And some of her viewers can afford stuff like this. She doesn’t
    have to spend all of the extra money that she earns donating to charities
    and third world countries. If she would like to, then she will. Lord, quit
    telling people what to do with their money.

  12. She posted the video because people wanted to see the video. Don’t get
    offended that she bought designer bags and shoes, use them as inspiration
    to find something similar from H&M or Zara! Don’t judge someone for
    spending money that they got as a gift. Fleur is a very kind-hearted person
    and it breaks my heart seeing such rude comments from her followers. 

  13. I am honestly shocked by all of these nasty comments. Why can’t we all
    support each other and be happy for Fleur. Sure she is incredibly lucky but
    she has only got to where she is through hard work and is completely
    deserving of everything. There is always going to be people in the world
    who have different values in regards to buying certain items but get over
    it! It’s not your money she is spending and she is free to do what she
    wants so just enjoy the video YOU choose to watch

  14. Why oh why did I start reading comments?
    Comments on YouTube make me despair at the state of the world. Why is it
    human nature to tear down everyone?
    I would love just once to see all nice comments, or nicely worded
    constructive criticism instead of the pathetic drivel YouTube is reduced

  15. Girls in this comment feed just suck… I bet half of them spend their
    money on frivolous things, or at least wish they could. 

  16. Just been reading the comments, I think a lot of the time that people who
    spend what some may consider “too much” money on things like clothes,
    jewellery, e.t.c. Aren’t doing it because they want to show off, it’s all
    about appearance, you have to consider Fleurs upbringing, the friends she
    has, the money she makes and the appearance she gives out to the “real”
    people in her life. If I were to walk around in a £500 coat and designer
    bags the people I surround myself with would think of me as pretentious
    whereas for Fleur this could be the norm to spend her disposable income on
    things like this, it’s not her fault that she can spend the money she earns
    in this way, it’s a happy accident that YT, her blog, sponsorships and
    other things have led her to have the money that she has… and what she
    decides to put on her channel is her decision, not ours. She gave us the
    option to click away so you can’t sit there and moan about it because you
    didn’t take that option – especially after seeing the designer shopping
    bags in the thumbnail

  17. I still don’t understand why you didn’t just go to a nice tailor for the
    coat Mike originally bought you because on your Christmas haul you said it
    was a little too big….a tailor could have custom fit it to fit you just

  18. That original jacket must have been SO EXPENSIVE :-D hahaha .. Love this
    haul, <3

  19. Can see that you’re getting A LOT of hate in the comments of this video,
    and just wanted to let you know that regardless of most of your viewers
    personal opinions, we still love and enjoy you and your videos and look
    forward to them each week :) xx 

  20. Caitlin Gilbert

    Love this video and all your videos Fleur. You are hard working, and
    consistent with your YouTube channel. I think that’s awesome. I’m sad to
    read how nasty people have been particularly when you mentioned in one of
    your vlogs that you’d been getting such nice comments lately. Having
    watched your vlogs it’s obvious how sweet, kind and generous you are so
    don’t feel bad about treating yourself in the sales or at Christmas! That’s
    the time to buy expensive stuff…when it’s on sale!!! I love your puppies
    and have two myself that make me so happy. Keep up the great work. Lots of
    love from Australia.

  21. wow that must have been one EXPENSIVE jacket Mike bought!

  22. love everything you bought Fleur! <3
    after Christmas shopping is the best

  23. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to afford a coat that is like £500+ 

  24. Why is it that everytime Fleur puts up a haul, all the jealous, miserable
    and despicable bitches come to the sun to hate? FLEUR IS ABLE TO BUY ALL
    absolutely nothing wrong in that.
    Besides, it’s extremely rude and tacky to comment on how much money people

  25. Love everything you picked up Fleur…nothing better then after Christmas
    I’m in California and Cashmere is always a must at this time of year. Great
    sales right
    Happy New Year Fleur.