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Collective Haul: Fashion/Accessories/Beauty | Chanelette

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  1. That dress is perfect for your graduation! I hope you had an amazing time
    in Paris :) 

  2. One of my favorite hauls by you, that dress is amazing and I can imagine
    how gorgeous you will look in it!:) I remember trying that Body Shop Aloe
    creme and liking it, the serum rolled up on my skin, but the night creme
    was really hydrating and calming! But it’s been like 4-5 years since that
    haha. Uhh that Joico treatment is one of my favorite products for us
    blondes, really saves from the dry damaged mess (of mine). Hope you had a
    great trip, from watching your instagram updates I’m thinking it was
    amazing ;) x 

  3. i want the mini city bag in black!!

  4. Love everything you bought!!!! Especially the beige bag, did you say it was
    from Zara???? I have to look for it here! Also you’ll look so gorgeous in
    that white dress! I think simple black flats would be best with it! xoxo

  5. Envy! I tried that neoprene dress, but because I’m so short it was much too
    low cut on me, and the minimalistic style wouldn’t look right with a
    camisole under it. 

  6. I love that dress and the bag; love Zara, my favorite store too. Shopping
    with your mom sounds awesome, when I shop with my mom I end up buying her
    things, not the other way around lol. 

  7. Pamasciau ir supratau koks nerealus youtube darbas apsipirkineji poto
    nufilmuo video ir gauni uz tai dar pinigu :D 

  8. We have zara at the mall i work in, need to go there thanks for the
    reminder :) 

  9. Great haul ;)
    i was wondering (has nothing to do with the haul), since you and your bf
    have been together for so long, do you know each other’s parents? or not

  10. tres belle tenue avec la robe et j’adore le sac :) (hoping you understood)

  11. I love everything !!!! And this preppy white dress is so cute! ^__^

  12. Great haul, Ieva :) That dress is amazing …omg..is so beautiful, so
    classy …so feminine . Grey high heels …better than white, i guess :)
    That clutch and necklace …one word : perfection ( your word ) :) My
    english is not great, but i want to say that you are simply beautiful and
    your style is so ..chic :) I really admire you . Kisses .

  13. Yay I get so excited when you post a video :) I literally paused the video
    and first made myself a cup of tea before watching! I think I have the
    exact same pair of black skinny jeans – they are amazing. You’re also
    really making me want to try Biotherm, but I need to save my money right
    now :/

  14. I like your videos…

  15. Kokią kamerą naudojate? :) nes matau,kad labai gerai fokusuoja :)
    Beja , tas rankinukas tiesiog tobulas <3
    Sekmes Paryziuje!

  16. Great video, I love that dress and purse!

  17. May I ask what watch you are wearing? What are your favourite brands for
    watches? Would be great if you could do a video on your favourite watches
    and everyday jewellery/accessories to complete an outfit. Thanks!

  18. I’m not much of a headband girl either but I saw a picture or a girl with a
    low bun and she had a headband around the back of her head, horizontally.
    It was sooooo pretty and I’m gunna try it, thought I’d share :) love your
    videos girrrrl!

  19. ugh! I’ve missed u!! My favorite utuber :) 

  20. …went to get a cup of tea just before you mentioned it. ;P Would really
    like to try the Dr.Hauschka Aromatherapy Bath Kit. :3 Could you give your
    thoughts on it later when you’ve tried it? :) 

  21. Hey! I’ve noticed you have a lot of perfume. Why don’t you make a video
    reviewing all of the perfumes you have? That would be interesting, I think.

  22. Hey, could you tell me what fragrance are you using? I’ve been going
    through your videos but didn’t find the videos about fragrance you’re
    using. Thank you:)

  23. Lol, “A necklace for a cow”. That cracked me up. Such great buys — you’ll
    look beautiful in everything!

  24. The dress is adorable! You find the cutest things!