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Come Christmas Shopping with me to Walgreens Rosa’s Beauty Fashion ⛄️

Ladies come Christmas shopping with me at Walgreens. Got some great deals. If you took the time to watch this thank you all so much Hugs to all oxox ~*Follow Me*~ https://instagram.com/Rosasbea…
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  1. Alyanah Rivera

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  2. No Guts No Glory

    ty for the ride along cant wait to go to kmart with you. tfs

  3. BeautyByDamaris

    WOW They have some amazing sales at Walgreens, Need to Go Check That Out!
    Thanks for sharing xo

  4. Sabrinas Playground

    Check out this video on YouTube: go shopping with rosa :) 

  5. SherleyPhinnisee livinglifewithbeauty

    Enjoyed the shopping trip. Thanks

  6. Thx for the ride along!

  7. browneyedluckylu1

    Great job Rosa! I am going to grab a couple of those things for my daughter
    Alexis :) 

  8. I don’t go out much so I love watching these feels like you took me
    shopping lol

  9. My Walgreens doesn’t have those great deals. I’m going to have to go to the
    one farther away. Those are great deals especially for my grandkids. Guess
    where I’m going tomorrow. Lol 

  10. Sabrinas Playground

    I didn’t know that Walgreen Carry L.a cosmetics, they are actually good and
    for a dollar not bad at all. Love the little cupcakes, I will be buying
    some because I send Christmas presents out of the country for my family and
    they will love all of those goodies.

  11. Ashley Williams

    You are darling I love your videos :) 

  12. It’s fun walking around with you in Walgreens!

  13. TDSparklesBrite

    Great haul! You picked up some nice items tfs!


    Very nice thanks for sharing doll and also thanks for taking us with you

  15. Nathalie TheBeautyDiva

    Good Morning Rosa, thank you for taking us along for some Christmas
    shopping. Unfortunately we do not have Walgreens in Canada because I would
    definitely stock up on some holiday buys!!! Have a great day!!! Hugs,
    Nathalie xoxo