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DIY Holiday Accessories! – cute christmas fashion

i love getting dressed up festive for the holiday period so i hope you guys enjoy the ideas i filmed here for you :) xx i show you how to make a festive hair…


  1. I love you so v xx

  2. But First Coffee

    These were great, what a fun video!! <3

  3. Madalina Dumitru

    the bow was so cute :) 

  4. Love it El! You’re so creative! xx

  5. great video! All of them are amazing!

  6. these are such cute ideas! nice video! <3

  7. great video, these ideas are really helpful :) 

  8. great ideas! i am definitely going to make that bracelet its so cute!

  9. such cute ideas! i really like the bow :) X!

  10. Really good ideas!!!

  11. cutest accessories! i am totally going to make these :D 

  12. Loved this :) you should defiantly do some more DIY’s :) 

  13. sooo cute! Love the bells.. :) 

  14. added to my to do list, will share pics if i eva try out :D i love your
    earrings btw , very pretty