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Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation Demo and Review

Everything you want to know is listed below [Don't Forget to Watch in HD] _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Price: (USD), (CAD) My shade: 12 Rose Clair Links Mentioned…


  1. notyourtypicaldollface

    Foundation review time!

  2. Just bought myself this foundation earlier today! Can’t wait to try it :)
    …it’s $69 in Canada now, I’m guessing the cost increased since this video
    was posted? :( 

  3. Really want to try this foundation , thanks for the review and i love your
    videos!!! I use the real techniques make sponge sometimes and it really
    gives a flawless finish and much cheaper than the beauty blender x

  4. Valerie Cristina

    Aha! I was curious about this foundation and looked at your channel because
    I was sure you had reviewed it and I was right! This made me soooo happy!
    Thanks Sarah. 

  5. I lovveeee your videos really helped in helping me choose my foundation,
    was wondering what brush you re using to apply your foundation in this
    video, im currently using a sigma flat kabuki and i love it but am
    wondering if this one may be better…..X

  6. Thank you so much for your review. Profoundly helpful as always. Will be
    buying the Guerlain foundation. Would appreciate your review of Dior (the
    spray can foundation).

  7. I’m also more neutral with color ranges. In between mac nc/nw 20. Also nars
    deauville. I prefer leaning on the more olive-ish tones. I’m almost
    thinking beige pale. What are your thoughts between the beige pale shade
    and rose claire? I find most foundations that are pink based oxidize orangy
    on me. Thanks!

  8. Waaaaoh really beautiful !! (and this pink make up fits you sooo well *_*)

  9. You are sooooo pretty.

  10. CharliFibroChic

    It looks amazing!! I have one more day to decide on whether to pick it up
    during this discount period or not …. I did just pick up the Tom Ford
    foundation stick … So I am thinking carefully ;) lol! As carefully as I
    can! Haha! But this vlog is making me lean towards a purchase now rather
    than later.
    Thank you! :) 

  11. Have you had the chance to wear it again? I like light feeling foundations
    such as Vitalumiere aqua or double wear light and also a velvet finish…
    How does it feels and looks vs the Vitalumiere for example?

  12. Rebecca Valenti

    just came across this video and it was lovely! As far as the beauty blender
    (not sure if you’ve used it yet) I finally caved and picked one up and I
    LOVE IT. Especially if you’re looking for more of an airbrushed look
    instead of having so much texture <3

  13. this foundation looks so luxurious and beautiful on you, dosent look too
    heavy or anything 

  14. Thank you for taking the time to film and review this. Your opinions are
    something I take seriously so that’s why I requested you to review it! I am
    a big fan as you probably already know. I bet it’s nice to have a fan base
    such as yours and you have some very nice subscribers who leave such
    thoughtful comments. I’m so happy for you!

    The foundation made your face flawless! I know now it’s on my list of
    things to get. Was there any transfer issues with it? Is it a foundation
    that feels weightless? You may have already addressed these two questions
    in the video but I don’t remember as I’m writing this comment a few days
    after I viewed it.

  15. I bought this amazing foundation ,and it’s really worth..thank you for your
    helpfull video

  16. Loving this make up look on you. Don’t worry about rambling that’s what
    makes your videos you :) what lipstick is this? 

  17. Thnx for the review. I have this foundation and I love it too:)

  18. I rly want these foundation … 

  19. hope to try it