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HAUL: Adore Me, Lulu’s, & AMI Clubwear

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  1. annie what size did you order the black and tan lace dress ? (:

  2. Diva !! I love your videos ! Subscribe on my chanel ?

  3. Celena Gallegos

    Do u have a job??(:

  4. Celena Gallegos

    Boyfriend yet?(: and do u go to a lot of sorority party’s ? They seem fun

  5. Kristel Asuncion

    Ahhhh long time no see girl! I love that pinky dress tube too ❤️ anyway so
    my question is what are you taking in college ? And how are you doing in
    college ? Xoxo 

  6. Ms.Shopaholic Diaries

    Love love love everything you bought! We don’t have sororities or frats at
    my school but I always see girls from other schools looking fabulous! The
    dresses you bought definitely hit the mark! 

  7. Jessica Pleitez

    Can you please do a college dorm room tour please

  8. I love your style

  9. How old were you when you got your license 

  10. DARKPurpleNailPolish

    Which sorority do you belong to? 

  11. I LOVE YOUR HAULS! I was so excited to see this posted. Keep them coming (:

  12. Love your hauls<3 btw I also have a new video(:

  13. We’ve missed you, you got lots of cute stuff 

  14. do you work while attending college?

  15. Omg girl I miss seeing you

  16. do you have a boyfriend yet lol

  17. What kind of sorority are you in and what do they usually do?

  18. How was rush week?

  19. Ahhhhh finally, looooove you<3

  20. angelica gonzales


  21. Melissa Phanthourath

    Finally!!! I miss your videos!

  22. Can you do a haul with try-ons one day?
    Can you speak Vietnamese?
    Do you like dorming?
    Do you miss home?
    You should do a draw my life video!

  23. Christine Liang

    What foundation do you use? and what primer?

  24. I don’t know if you mentioned this in a past video and I just missed it or
    something but what are you taking in school? & omg I love all the outfits
    you got in this video, I enjoy watching your fashion hauls because we have
    similar taste in clothing :) & I really hope you’re enjoying your time at