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Hilarious! Fashion & Beauty Quotes with Accessories Haul!

Funny quotes about fashion and beauty from top designers, featuring beautiful accessories for Spring and Summer! Necklaces, earrings, and rings accessories h…


  1. i LOVE your eye make up.

  2. On the floor your a complete trip!

  3. The Life After Death Ring

  4. Can you do a makeup tutorial for this look PLZ!!!!!

  5. Your so beautiful, i love ur earrings especially the ones at 1:55 you have
    a pretty laugh btw

  6. Haha spankie :D xx

  7. I Lovee The Open Up My Heart Earrings && The Bat Of The Night Ring. Soo
    Cute && The Earrings Are Soo Uniquee.!! :) <3

  8. Uniform pattern platform heels!! They are sooo cute!! :)

  9. Cascading Chain

  10. how many different pairs of earrings do u have??

  11. Ninauhhlovesnails

    Baby daisy ring

  12. u should do a makeup and nail tutorial of what u had in this video

  13. Ocean ellite bracelet

  14. Uh, definitely the leopard necklace! It’s totally my style… :)

  15. LUVVV the blue flower earrings!!:)

  16. Oceanside bracelet

  17. Light bolt necklace

  18. Bursting Bloom Bracelet!!!!!!! It’s the Bomb!!! <3

  19. how did you do your hair like that? you know, with the ponytail and the
    bulbs running down?

  20. Ninauhhlovesnails

    XOXO charm bracelet

  21. Geometric Earrings in Black & White!

  22. MsGabriellagabriella

    you can’t imagine how preety you are :| btw coil stud ring! ;)

  23. Jingle queen bracelet!!

  24. Black lightening bolts! :D but I LOVE all of em ^.^

  25. All of them!