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How to make Lolita Fashion Accessories

Today I am giving a tutorial on how to make simple but cute Lolita Fashion accessories (^^)
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  1. Are they sturdy? Will the yarn come off also what kind of yarn is that
    where can i get it?

  2. heres away to make your own accessorize for lolita!!

  3. i love how many lolita dresse u hve ^^ ive just ordered my first one nw,
    its kawaii pretty but nt as cute as ur lolita fashion dresses lol :P
    thanks on the bunny tip :P uve given me an idea nw :3 x

  4. i swore you were born in the uk

  5. Couldn’t hear the fluffy material used, whats it called?

  6. its So CUTE ^O^

  7. and that soft fuzzy string stuff! <3

  8. HatsuneMiku01Otaku

    Where are you from?

  9. How do you insert the necklace chain in ?

  10. The song sounds like VenusAngelic.

  11. CanuDoitCat - Cathy Cat カティー

    @JamboloMebedir A sword made out of candy canes with sparkles! :D

  12. What is the fluffy string called? I would really like to know. Please and
    Thank you :3

  13. CanuDoitCat - Cathy Cat カティー

    Yes! Just stick the ends through the hoops at the back

  14. You should have made a huge sword. No Loli is complete without a huge sword.

  15. boing,boing, JUMP! Boing, Boing, JUMP, JUMP! :3

  16. CanuDoitCat - Cathy Cat カティー

    Mine have been alright for a while now. I mean if you soak them in water
    they would not survive, but in normal rain they’ve been doing just fine :3

  17. NightcoreProductions

    I. Love. Your. Dress. I want it -.-

  18. What material did you use to make the bunny and where did you get or do you
    know where I can get some? —sorry, xD i don’t know anything about yarn or
    sewing materials, but I definitely want to give this a try. Thanks. :)

  19. CanuDoitCat - Cathy Cat カティー

    @mikumiku84 Don’t give up! You sometimes have to try again, so don’t lose
    hope! Keep at it! Go go go!

  20. The song XD Ah nya nya Ah nya nya NYA

  21. CanuDoitCat - Cathy Cat カティー

    I’m actually from Germany, did you spot my accent? (^.^)

  22. thats cute!! great idea..I love your rilakkuma in the back too~ check my
    videos too, i have one for lolita accessories ^.^

  23. Wouldn’t these get ruined if they got wet though?

  24. nyanpire!

  25. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww