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How To Make Nail Art Stencils

How To Make Nail Art Stencils

YT only allows 10 minutes, so sorry that the end of the video got cut short, hopefully you get ideas on how to make your own nail art stencils! Hope you enjoy! xoxox ~Dolly “Inspiration…
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  1. I have to agree with a few commenters on here, your focus was off pretty
    bad, I found myself squinting, tilting my head side to side as if it were
    my eyes that were blurry lol. But I stayed watching it all the way thru
    because you had me interested in your ideas, which by the way, are genius.
    I pride myself on all the neat tricks ive learned over the yrs doing (all
    self taught) acrylic full sets with & without tips, uv liquid gel nails
    with tips & free forming gel tips with no plastic tips at all, nail designs
    even with black electric tape lol & lastly, freestyling designs with water
    based acrylic paints with paint brushes & using sponges, yet never thought
    of a few you have here, I certainly will be trying them. Perry Winkle is
    beautiful on you & I was glad 2 see a clear shot of the end result. Very
    well done!!!!

  2. parveen bholanath

    i love your nail color

  3. wow! what a great idea you gave me!! thank you!

  4. contact paper would probably work too..its cheap considering how much u get
    in a roll to make thousands of designs.

  5. EverythingMe〈3

    You can just use tape right ?

  6. dieting7878daydiet"""""
  7. Nice ideas. Next time try to get your camera to focus better, it was hard
    to see and it’s hard on the eyes.

  8. Marilou Manantan

    Your ring looks like it’s suffocating your finger .

  9. What kind of ring is that

  10. What’s your polish shade here?

  11. I love your idea!!! Thank you so much..

  12. everythig was great except the focus on your cámara, congrats

  13. I have really really tiny nails, like my nails are the size and shape of a
    little child’s. Do you have any tips for some one like myself who wants to
    do something with their nails?

  14. great idea!

  15. Great ideas! What were the two blue polishes you were using in this video?

  16. @helenita05 both laminate are the same in thickness, so if the punches
    aren’t sharp enough, you will run into some problems. The up side to the
    laminate is that you can re-use them many times without any tearing. I do
    have a stencil video on my list of ” to do’s” though I cannot predict
    exactly when I will be able to post it

  17. wow ! thats clever (: im so trying that ! (:

  18. Can u please do more vids like this where we can see u in action & hear u
    guide us through what to do? Especially the nail designs/art tutorials.
    Your work is really amazing.

  19. Slightly Cynical

    That’s badass.

  20. SuperUnicorn888

    Will you do a tutorial with a mustache one?

  21. How well do you think electrical tape will work?

  22. is great txs

  23. Could I use tape cuz I don’t have that thing

  24. @MissFigglegiggle Thanks, yes MUCH cheaper!

  25. Very informative and useful information. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Look forward to more and more.;)