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Nail Art: Fuzzy Panda Nails!

Nail Art: Fuzzy Panda Nails!

Easy Nail Art: Fuzzy Panda Nails Hey guys! In today’s nail tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to create a super cute, and easy nail art design featuring a fuzzy panda bear! This nail…
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  1. I hope you guys enjoy these super cute Fuzzy Panda Nails!

  2. ❤️ YouTube friends anyone ? Subbing back everyone ! ❤️

  3. Did anyone else see the ps I love you ? XD

  4. im so jealous of your nails :( ive been trying to stop biting and grow mine
    out for so long and they keep ripping or i end up biting them and its been
    about 4 months and its just such a long process and its so difficult… i
    hope one day mine can look as good as yours..

  5. Oh, amazing! I love panda * _ *

  6. am i the only one who thought she was going to us flocking powder?

  7. Sophia Digirolamo

    Ok I need your guys help, so I am trying to grow out my nails so that I can
    make them the shape Sandy’s are, but when I take a bath or a shower they
    get supper brittle and peaked off, and I need to find a good nail
    strengthener because I think it might help, and when I paint my nail if I
    take a bath or shower the polish comes right off! Help 

  8. ♥cyndercake415♥

    Great video! What would you recommend using for the “fuzzy” texture if you
    don’t have a striper? 

  9. TheInfiniteOne

    i thought you were going to use flocking powder at first

  10. how can there be 302 vieuwers and 4k likes?

  11. Meagan Williams

    At 1:22 I don’t know why but I laughed so hard 

  12. Can you also use a tiny makeup sponge if you don’t have a striper?
    Love the design;)


  14. I can’t find any strippers, can u plz do a tutorial on how to make one???
    It would help a ton. thx xxxx

  15. Ann Le {Anneorshine}

    This is too cute Sandi! The next time we’re together, I should wear my
    panda hoodie and you wear this nail art :P Haha! 

  16. Allison Fincher

    MOCKINGJAY NAILS!!!!!!! NOW!!!! I’m seeing the movie opening night!

  17. What about the thumb?

  18. Could you also do it without the fuzzy part?

  19. Pandaholic7913

    Love this! The panda is my favorite animal… ^_^

  20. först 

  21. Caitlin Drinkwater

    love this! where is the ps I love you part?? someone reply!!! but this is
    so cute!! gonna try it

  22. Ambitiously.Beautified

    This is SO adorable! Could you please make a video on how to paint your
    nails with the opposite hand?

  23. Tiffani Markle

    Her hand didn’t seem very steady at 1:50 and I was on the edge of my seat
    desperately waiting to see if she’d mess up ( Not that I WANT her to mess
    up. She’s amazing at nail art!) 

  24. Carman Spieker Carter

    What did u do 4 ur thumb.

  25. Renee Kubitski

    please do a tutorial on how you cut, and shape your nails