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Plus Size Fashion: Accessories and Investment Pieces

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  1. ObnoxiousOld Turd

    You make that little terrier on your chest look like a Dachsund. THAT is
    sexy! =] 


  3. BudgetfriendlyDiva

    I love your sweater.

  4. spikethepunch is not ‘all under $40′

  5. thats wonderful..preach on youtube dr..but this video is not about health
    you twat..i dont think i heard the girl once say “btw being overweight is
    super healthy..so buy these shirts”..go somewhere else and preach the shit
    we all already know

  6. i guess IKEA!

  7. I need that sweater in my life!!! Nicolette why you so darn cute?!

  8. VanityismyReligion

    I agree, it is a little rude, but true. By no means do I think that
    everybody should be super skinny, but I hope for everybody to be healthy.
    And being overweight just isn´t.

  9. yes, some women actually dont mind being a plus size. but that doesnt mean
    ALL women are happy with their weight. think about it, people that are
    overweight have more chances of getting diseases, cancer, and even diabetes
    in their body. would YOU want to have those diseases, would YOU want to
    take insulin shots daily? you wont be thinking about this now, but later,
    when its too late, you might be thinking that you shouldve changed your
    life for the better. wake up, and change for the better.

  10. xoxogossipgirl2121

    you’re welcome

  11. I don’t know why there are so many negatives on this comment. It’s called
    constructive criticism. I’m a plus size girl and I’m not offended. It’s
    true at least for me. I would feel better and be healthier if I ate better
    and worked out more. But it’s hard sometimes. But as plus size girls we
    shouldn’t be hating on people telling us to be healthier. She was trying to

  12. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think we can all agree that
    Nicolette’s tips in this video are more interesting to talk about! Where do
    YOU like to shop for accessories? Let us know! xo

  13. Nicolette gets comments about health in VERY SINGLE VIDEO and seriously, it
    gets very annoying. Chubby girls are being attacked everywhere, in real
    life, on internet, etc, this is the only place where they can talk about
    fashion, and understand each other, so seriously, probably it wasn’t your
    intention, but please dont leave comment like this in here.

  14. Priscilla Chakmakian

    Grear video! Thank you for showing people that us plus size girls can be
    beautiful & classy too.

  15. Nicolette is one fierce diva so we’re glad we get to film these Q&A
    episodes with her! Thanks for watching. :-)

  16. Wow, the thumbnail of this picture startled me. It looked like you were
    naked. x)

  17. Can you show the sweater on while you stand up? I would like to see
    complete outfit.

  18. no offense intended. but being a plus size isn’t healthy at all. maybe if
    you could start exercise daily, eat healthier, you can look healthier, and
    sexier. you ladies dont know how strong you really are. go for that extra 5
    mins on the treadmill. eat your salad without dessert afterwards. then
    maybe, just maybe, you could be on the road to wearing that fabulous black
    dress you always wanted to wear. nothing is impossible. it says right there
    in the word itself. “i’m possible”

  19. she looks and talks a bit like Molly Tarlov (Sadie in “Awkward”)

  20. Judgemental Bitch.

  21. I go to the gym for an hour every single day and run on the treadmill. I
    love swimming and going for hikes and bike rides. I love being out in the
    fresh air and doing lots of walking with my children. I also love lots of
    fruit/low fat yogurts and salad. I hate mcdonalds and would not dream of
    eating that shit yet I am plus size. I have never been a skinny girl but
    always have been an active girl and I love running out doors. Sometimes you
    are who you are.

  22. @Kimberly Gaskins it’s from c wonder :)

  23. is there a way i can unsunscribe from some of the style channels videos and
    still see others?

  24. We love, love ASOS! Thanks for watching! xo

  25. VanityismyReligion

    I am not preaching, I am giving my opinion, and not in a rude way, i think.
    If you put yourself on youtube, you have to expect and deal with criticism.