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Project Runway 2013 Spring/Summer Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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  1. despairingleonardo

    why those designers eliminated could show their work in fashion week?

  2. many wrong models, 6:30 only this girl has a great walk and pose, a little
    mistake when she look at the floor before she poses in the front. boo my
    english is not very well

  3. teach some of these girls to walk with attitude. Some outfits are strong,
    but the walks are so boring.

  4. Live Love and Walk down the Runway

  5. seriously drums?? for the WHOLE segement??

  6. Fashion News Live

    I agree with you. We have let that camera person and editor go. We now have
    new people in our team. I hope you like our new content. 

  7. Amateurish camera. Poorly edited

  8. The music choice needs to be re-evaluated.

  9. these poor models look like they are in agony just trying to stay upright
    in their shoe’s…

  10. Black skirt with leather looks wrong :=o… like it didn’t fit and they had
    to cut it open D:

  11. Eww the tights from the second collection

  12. how lovely

  13. Fashion News Live

    Abdool Saud, I did fire the camera man. :) -Rocco

  14. my 12 year old granddaughter could do a better job filming and modeling
    than some of them so baaaad!!! such a shame for them.

  15. I agree with mr Saud. The person running the camera did an awful job. Most
    of the video was out of focus. And that was one thing that was a problem.
    There were many errors on their part. Need a new camera person!

  16. i hated the shoes on 6:51

  17. If you like this, you should check out Camilla Skovgaard’s new fashion film
    “Hotel Skovgaard: Room 77″

  18. The last four collections has potential.

  19. goooooooooooooooog

  20. I loved the Africana inspiration of the first collection but not all the
    pieces were great. The second last collection I feel, was the best – it was
    modern, hip, wearable yet creative, had a clear point-of-view and styled

  21. Christine Messersmith

    So, let’s hope Project Runway producers have learned a valuable lesson
    about lending itself to only modern designers. This was a nice runway show.
    But it’s not exciting. That’s because there was no real risk takers this
    season. I would wear many of these pieces. I am not interested in seeing
    things that are practical and wearable only. That’s not a design showcase,
    that’s going to the mall.

  22. They are using auto focus and are not a professional… if you want
    better… you go do it. Otherwise be happy with what you got and stayed to

  23. who won? the second one is kidda new..

  24. I would totally wear the second dress that came down the runway. I love it.