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Sexy Lingerie in all sizes!

In a special style segment for Love Month, DAISY LEWELLYN (BRAVO’s “Blood Sweat and Heels”) joins Steve to help three women with different body types, find the perfect lingerie look to…


  1. Where is the rest of the video? I wanna see what the fluffy girl got. 

  2. uhhhh why did you cut the video

  3. I’m mad! Cut off way too soon. 

  4. And the rest of the video …seriously!!!!!!???????

  5. Ugghhhh lameee in wanna seeeeee

  6. You're being watched

    Just stop trying to make big girls sexy. Its not

  7. Stephanie Poison

    That’s not lingerie in all sizes, that’s lingerie for fat women. There’s
    women out there that actually don’t feel hot because they’re too skinny. My
    best friend is one of them, and though I really like her body, she hates
    it. I could’ve bet this would be a fat women only thing. Stop trying to
    boost fat women’s confidence, they’re fat, whatever anyone can say, it’s
    not nice being fat. Don’t get me wrong, being fat is not that much of a big
    deal, but the ideal body “society” likes is not too skinny, not too fat –
    it’s tight with shapes. Have you ever heard a guy say “oh man, I want a
    girl that I can hide in my straw whenever I please”? No. Yes, there are
    different types and people who like different things – I for example like
    my men and women super skinny, but only if they’re tight. Nobody likes to
    date a belly on a stick, but jeez, if you’re going to show lingerie for all
    sizes, show a super skinny woman too, it’s ALL sizes.

  8. how nice that ya’ll cut the video right when the big girl came on ;-/

  9. I’m fat, you’re probably fat, 55% of the population is fat and your mama is
    possible fat…get over it and let fat women have a show about sexy
    clothes. You can’t, by any stretch of the imagination, believe that they
    are not HAVING sex. LIVE AND LET LIVE.

  10. its cut :’(

  11. Gid daaaamn that first girl was hot as hell, im seriously jealous on the
    guy that gets to get whith her if ya know what I mean;)

  12. He is bald BALD but his top lip sure can grow a thick bushel of hair.

  13. Why is it when fat people diplay there sexy people always have things to
    say, fat people like to be sexy too.