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Small Thrift Haul + Styling | Floral and Lingerie overload

I thought I would share with you my small jackpot from the thrift store! I hope you enjoyed. L E T S B E F R I E N D S: TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AnastasjiaMeows INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/anas…


  1. CutiePieMarzia

    Can I just steal everything you own, please? Face and hair included, thank

  2. LOL I love your lingerie disclaimer. Once it’s washed… who cares! Brand
    new :D You crack me up always!

  3. or makeup tutorials

  4. You should make videos where you take “us” thrifting with you! :) also “how
    i style/lookbooks” you have a magical wardrobe and it needs to be seen :P 

  5. Cover, cover, cover! (Chanting) :D 

  6. I feel like she could be graveyardgirl’a sister or something like they are
    both so vintage!!

  7. Noting wrong with buying lingerie at a thrift store — you can always wash
    it. No big deal.

  8. Anastasjia Louise
  9. zarah shinwari

    I love your personality and your videos

  10. Hahaha “thank you for dying”, you crack me up! ♡
    - Room tour (your room looks amazing, and there’s no one really with
    similar rooms on YouTube)
    - Makeup tutorial (your face right here right now is just perfection, omg)
    - Take us thrifting with you (like some other people suggested, because
    it’s a great idea!)

  11. Small Tata power! :) 

  12. Life of a Melly

    yay more Anastasjia!! Love you girl!! I always get excited when you upload
    a video :D 

  13. i’ve been binge watching your videos and your style and face is to diiieee


  15. laurenlunchbox

    Your hair looks so amazing!!!!!!

  16. Explifuckination lololol

  17. I lovvvvvveeee your hair

  18. Fell AutumnBree

    you are just absolutely funny, as well have a good taste in style and
    fashion, and seem super cool. can we be best friends? please. lol

  19. Love everything you got. And you are so funny! :3

  20. I would love to see a room/house tour! (p.s. I love you.)

  21. More bloooopers lol <3

  22. so excited u’ll be posting more frequently! yeah!! :) 

  23. Your outfits are SOOO on point, girl!!

  24. I’m totally in love with everything you do and wear. Why can’t I be you? 

  25. Great haul missy! I love finding treasures at the thrift store! <3