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Spring Haul!! || Fashion & Accessories

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. so jealous of everything and your style omg!

  2. Your style>>>>

  3. You should fix the saturation/lighting. It’s really gray and bland looking

  4. You video quality is horrible now compared to before. Like the lighting is
    not that good 

  5. I’m not trying to hate on you Danielle but the lighting is really dull in
    your videos now 

  6. Your quality has went down recently 

  7. What happen to your quality?:o it isn’t the same but great video!

  8. JosephinexBeauty

    What happend to your old camera?! Love you <3 

  9. why is your hair gray lol

  10. i bought those exact shorts last week

  11. I loved how you said that you “don’t want a style to define you,”. That is
    something everyone should think about!
    Dan’s zen words of the day

  12. Ashley Elizabeth

    Love this! I just bought the tribal maxi skirt from F21 as well! It’s in my
    new haul video on my channel! :) 

  13. Danielle, I love you and your videos, but can you please enunciate your
    words more? It can be hard to understand you sometimes :) 

  14. Could you make a video styling maxi’s skirts? Loved the video, x.

  15. obsessed with ur style

  16. Like this video since you’re giving idea of what to pair on or how to match
    every pieces that you got. I’m looking forward for another thrift haul
    video as well coz you got really cool finds. I’m love thrifting and I’m now
    looking for more online thrift shops like americanfashionfox which has
    really nice pieces for a lesser price. 

  17. jacket print is tweed

  18. Love you Danielle you have such a cute personality and you looked really
    pretty in this video x

  19. Love your style! Great haul video! 

  20. I don’t understand how you call yourself preppy when you buy hideous “boho”
    clothing. news flash: preps don’t wear dip-dyed high-waisted shorts.

  21. Defiantly my favorite youtuber to watch!

  22. OMG I love all ur videos and ur personality is perf! 

  23. Ughh! I was in Miami this week! So close to meeting you :( 

  24. why is your dress code collared shirts???