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A Great Love for Fashion

Most women are fashion conscious. They are eager to follow the trend and follow the crowd. Well it is simply normal as we are recognized as social beings.  Hence, a lot of fashion models are enthusiastic about showing their best by wearing various kinds of garments.  One of the famous fashion models nowadays is no other than Nicole Marie Lenz. She is really awesome and fantastic in carrying herself modeling in some famous magazines.

After the first public appearance of Nicole Lenz in Payboy in 2000, she also modeled for Joe’s Jeans, Paul Mitchell, Airwalk, and Nars. It was as a great opportunity for Nicolet t o do ad campaigns for Skyy Vodka in 2005 as well as Bacardi Champaigne.  But most of all, she was honored to be a spokesperson for the Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie line.  According to Nicole Lenz, fashion modeling is really her passion and she will do everything in order to flourish in this industry. Many agents are pleased to work with her because of her pleasing personality. She is undeniably charming and attractive so her manager and agents didn’t have any second thoughts of giving her the best projects in fashion modeling.

Nicole Lenz advised that taking a lot of sleep and listening to the instructions carefully are very important in order to acquire excellent results. Her poses were simply amazing and her face is simply natural and stunning.  She also didn’t find hard to maintain her figure since Nicole has a very healthy lifestyle which she had taken from her parents.

Nicole also graced in the covers of W Magazine, GQ, Glamour, Vogue, and Stuff.  She was grateful to the people she has worked with because she learned a lot of tips and information of becoming a professional model.

Modeling is such a fun profession so it is necessary that you also try to enjoy the moment of photo shoot or being on stage. Do not be afraid to flash a smile as well because in that way you can attract people with your appeal.  When you make a pose, just make it natural and go with the flow. It will never be nice to over pose though.  But according to Nicole Lenz, it is also important to understand the product so that you can really deliver the character you intend to do.

She is so determined to make more projects and expand her opportunities as an actress as well as a fashion model. You can always check her website http://nicolelenz.com and find out the best sots of Nicole Lenz and how she thrived as a famous fashion model of all time.  She is appreciably amazing.

Career with Fashion designing


Style and fashion is not just a matter of flavor, choices and choices. He has a lot more than that. Combination of technology has extended the opportunity of the design range. Style is in its easiest meaning is that which prevails currently available that you can buy. Available in all parts of society, there is quickly various choices of the client who has a direct effect on their conduct and industry styles in the end.

Style is about change which is necessary to keep lifestyle interesting. Style in itself is a big business. Many people are involved in buying, developing & selling of apparel than any other business. Ads on vehicles, signs and newspapers give us ideas about what to wear, deliberately, or automatically. I believe Life’s full of design. So folks have you ever imagined about World of style. If yes then style institution is perfect for you. This style institution provides learners the programs which give you a exclusive traineeship opportunity with major developers, generation and buying homes and many more exciting things which gives you a professional side over your colleagues.

The phrase style camp many items in lifestyle. In today’s current lifestyle, every personal wants to know more about style .It has always being an increasing topic. If I ask this concern these days what do you mean by style or which is the best B-School in style to join? There would be several solutions to this concern. According to me style indicates curiosity which satisfies your lifestyle with papers.

It always gives you a sensation of being positive as suggestions for charm, elegance, design but quite often relates to a personal method of concept that may or may not use to all. Folks never you experience fashion designing is something we cope with daily. Think about for a instant, even people who say they never even care about design choose apparel every day that says lot about them and how do they experience.

Profession in the fashion market is extravagant and gives a remarkable chance of visibility and reputation. There are courses in fashion in different ways, which are structured to specialize in different fields such as fabric style, clothing style, leather style, marketing, style and style interaction. Design developing schools in Indian have made their workout based on grad student studies and research that fits industry requirements globally and also offer the opportunity to provide working experience for students. In addition, institutes of fashion make sure to integrate the latest technical developments in its programs, which also help learners keep speed with the modifying characteristics of the fashion industry.



WLCI Fashion College trains the students with cognitive and intellectual skills and plans to develop interactive learning experiences. The college has attained international repute and is counted amongst the leading fashion institutes in India

Fashion courses in Ireland

Mere mention of the word ‘fashion’ makes most of the people excited as it is related to stylish outfits and accessories. Some people choose to be stylish and some believe to be stylish and make other stylish. In the wave of growing fashion trend among people, there are colleges and universities opened for those who want to make career in the field of fashion. A large number of enthusiastic students from all over the world come to Ireland to take admission in fashion colleges in order to get exposure in international market. Coming here for admission in top fashion school is like dream come true for the learners who want to make big in fashion field. To find the best fashion school here, one can take assistance of internet to search colleges conducting Fashion Courses online. Look for the institutes and colleges, which are reputed and affiliated by government education board. Choosing Ireland for fashion design course offers vivid career options, throughout course term students will get opportunity to explore various places of Ireland and near about places.


Ireland fashion colleges are famous for their advanced level fashion design courses and short term diploma and certificate courses. There students get chance to learn from experienced lecturers and fashion designer, who have a vast experience in fashion field. Along with studying, students get to do full time and part time job to earn living here. The Ireland colleges along with fashion design courses also offer Interior Design Course that help students to learn from basics to current trend of interior designing.


To take admission in colleges and universities in Ireland, first, one have to fill enrolment form and follow three processes. The first process is to make mind for the course you want to take admission in, for this you can go through the prospectus of colleges. Second, look for some of the best colleges located in Ireland; it could be found out by searching colleges online. Every college has its own website providing information related to consultation for admission and counselling for students. The eligibility criteria for Fashion Design Course may vary course to course. Those who are interested in taking admission in bachelor degree in fashion designing course need to submit all the details of past academic sessions. Once applied online, colleges will contact in response related to the acceptance of admission application, after that students can communicate with college representative to get particulars related to admission.


The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at http://www.gcd.ie/to know more about Fashion courses, Interior design course, Fashion design course.

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Fashion Bed Group Beds

One of the largest and the most innovative brands when it comes to furniture’s, Fashion Bed Group Beds are just a class above for the people who go beyond ordinary. They specialize in a wide variety of beds which include Fashion beds, Bunk beds, Iron beds, Metal beds and the list goes on. These beds are a perfect blend of comfort and style.

The Fashion Bed Group has been in the business for years now and have never disappointed. They have beds that are made of wood, brass, steel and metal depending on the model or design and have something perfect to suit your needs. Every Fashion Bed Group bed has a very contemporary design and helps you keep in pace with the ever evolving trends. The designs and craftsmanship exhibit a mark of excellence and are built to perfection. Their range is exquisite and gives to enough options to choose from. Their beds are so eye catching that it is surely to drop a lot of jaws when your friends or guests get a glimpse of it.

Home furnishing products like a bed are not purchased from time to time and are not a part of our regular purchase. Hence going for something ordinary is not what you would want. The two things that one looks for in a bed are style and comfort. They take these factors into account and bring to the table a mixture of both. The Fashion Bed Group does its homework well when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends and deliver beds which are in pace with the current trends. They derive a lot of inspiration from the fashion industry and this is one of the factors which keep them up to date with the change in trends. Over the years we have seen the Fashion Bed Group beds transform from one era to another in terms of design, quality and comfort. A lot of retailers have recognized the growing popularity of fashion bed group beds. and have started to stock them as one of the premium brands on their home furnishing catalog.

The Author is a professional writer, presently writing for parker house. and crosley.

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The new Era hat fashion

Hats have been always an instrument of creating sensibility of grandeur among the people from time immemorial. The hats have been developed in the ancient times in the medieval periods to protect the head from different natural elements. But gradually it became another of the fashion accessories that can be found over the market. The whole concept of making and using the hat as a fashion instrument has been developed in the medieval England, where the gentlemen used to wear a hat for the sheer gentlemanly look and the women and ladies also wore hats for the being the fashion sensible ones among the society that they have. There have been a great development and change of the fashion of the hat that is being used by people of England as well as the world. The medieval hats are pretty different from those new era hat that are worn today by the urban people. There have been introductions of various types of hats from different parts of the world, like the Mexican cowboy hat as well as the snap cap hat.

There has been a significant change in the whole fashion and style of the luxury wear, as it was once considered. Now a day a Mexican cowboy hat is more popular among the youth rather than those formal hats. There has been introduction of the caps as well, like the baseball caps and the golf caps. The new era hat have been transformed into a more stylish as well as the one which can be worn everywhere. The hats have traversed a long distance in the history of mankind, and have been a witness to various changes. As everything around it changed, the hats also changed a lot. Those days are gone when the men are considered to be ill fashioned if they do not wear those hats to the parties, and bow them down to the ladies they meet or the people of respect at those societies they used to meet. Now a day a snap cap hat is more popular than those tall black hats which were the sign of a lord or a duke. The fashion sensibilities have differed in the men around the world who now love to have a rather whole collection of hats in his wardrobe than to have a few of those expensive gentlemen hats that is used by the lords of the 18-19th century England.

This is Ricky Williams and want to share with you about new era hat and snap cap hat at ShoptheImage. online store is constantly updated with new merchandise.

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Plus Size Fashion Dresses

Fashion and panache are no longer assets painstakingly guarded by the normal sized apparel ranges. plus size fashion dresses have become a more practical as well as largely popular choice in many places. Having to choose from a plus size category should not deter you from selecting stylish attires. Designers and leading brands have come out of their rather narrow perception of catering only to the needs of average of smaller built individuals and are now on the race to capturing the market for plus sized clothes.

The most important thing which you should have in your mind when it comes to choosing plus size fashion dresses is that instead of blindly following the trends, you can look search for clothes which flatter your figure best. It is true that every trend in the fashion industry is more or less incorporated in the plus size section also by designers. However, you must be on the lookout for clothes which will throw light on your better features and hide those which are not so flattering.

Darker colours are in general a safe bet in plus size fashion dresses. Although black is a favoured colour, there is no hard and fast rule that you should not look beyond it. Darker colours tend to make the wearer look thin and those who feel they can carry it off well can also go for brighter colours.

The fabrics of your plus size fashion dresses should also be one which suits you. Although it is safe to go for lighter fabrics, the choice should depend on how such fabrics will look on your figure. Some may find that contrary to traditional concepts, they might look better in slightly heavier fabrics. Again the prints and lengths of your clothes must be though upon. Though prints are not usually preferred by larger people, excellent options are provided by designers in various prints which will make you look slimmer. Various lengths in dresses are offered by designers so that everyone will have something that rightly fits them.

Finding the right style for you can also be quite a daunting task. This is because most women have not much understanding of what must be done to perfect their figures. You must spend some time in considering what will suit you best instead of getting confused by the multitude of designs offered in the category of plus size fashion dresses.

With the right choices, plus size fashion dresses will impart you with confidence and flair.


Aims to improve women’s self image and the desire to make fashionable and well designed plus size clothing available to plus sized women in Australia. They believe that all women have the right to own beautiful and fabulous clothes.