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Tyson Beckford at the Miami Swim Fashion Week 2008 at Fashion News Live

Rocco Leo Gaglioti interviews Tyson Beckford at the Miami Swim Fashion Week 2008. WANT MORE FASHION AND CELEBRITY NEWS? Subscribe to our channel: …


  1. Son, yes. Married, no.

  2. he has a son and is married now so…no

  3. haha true no homo hes a good lookin dude

  4. his voice doesnt match his looks.

  5. i have the same toe nails as tyson beckford…soo… yeah

  6. boxxxerschnitt

    He have hairs???????

  7. hes straight

  8. mrsbundleberry

    the most beautiful man in the world!!!!! And he’s about 40 here, he’s lucky
    to still look so young. His wife’s very lucky…

  9. sexy sexy

  10. idk where you got that from but tyson beckford is definitely NOT gay

  11. of course he is gay! all models,hair stylist and make up artist are gay!
    just because he is masculine looking does not mean he is straight! he used
    to go to gay clubs before becoming famous

  12. William Gregor

    look im so sorry but again u spelt maricona wrong.. ur spanish is fuckin
    shit! i dont usually comment but u cant speak or write spanish so go and
    get some lessons before writtin a load of giborish on here.. ho

  13. ve300, really tyson confessed that his gay? do u have any video to share

  14. @danieljayhh yeah well that only time i seen him with another male so i
    thought the other dude was 64 lol

  15. where u find that out @?

  16. wow.. we have almost the same HAIRCUT… ahahahah..

  17. I seriously doubt that bassy21. I don’t care how goodlooking, hot, fine a
    dude is, if a women finds out he is gay (or fucks around with men on the
    DL), she is not going to be OK with that. Sorry, but every women is not
    going to be cool with her man, if she finds out that, he likes more dick
    than she does and that’s a fact. If she is cool with it, does not have a
    problem with her man having sex with another guy, I will definitely
    question her mental state.

  18. yeh ur rite, no homo he is handsome, i feel gay just wanting to look, i
    guess he just inspires me on my career.once again no homo.lol

  19. i wonder what his skin care regimen is …no homo but he got good skin

  20. epic eyebrow lift at 0:08 I gotta practice that at home lol

  21. Adriano Agudelo

    puufff he is 5,10 !!Wake up baby!!

  22. mmmmmmmmmmm

  23. That guy is so freakin’ damn hot!!! He’s smokin’ , gals

  24. I wished i looked like that ina v-neck

  25. William Gregor

    dude u just made me laugh for like 10 mintues with that comment haha