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VLOGMAS Week 1: Christmas Decorating and Fashion Show!

Hey guys!! I am so excited that this video is finally up! I know this video may seem long, but it’s a combination of 6 days, so it’s really not that bad!! I am so excited to finally be doing…


  1. Omg! I love your Vlogmas video! I feel like I’m getting to see a whole
    other side of you. The video is not long at all. Some people’s daily ones
    are longer. 

  2. I vlog on my iPhone too! Ahh, your vlogs remind me of when I went to school
    in NYC! The fashion show looked so exciting! So glad you’re doing Vlogmas!

  3. Bows and Nails

    That bagel though, it looked so good! You and your roomies go all out,
    that’s cool!

  4. Aww i loved the video!! The decorations are so cute!!

  5. Caitlyn Kreklewich

    Amazing decorations and girl your eyes are stunning!
    Also brows are on point!

  6. MarinaMaquillage

    good job girl :) 

  7. The fashion show looked amazing! It’s impressive that you did the makeup of
    so many models so fast. Your Christmas decorations are so cute; I love the
    arrows pointing the different directions, very creative! :) 

  8. curiositykilledthec8

    Great vlog(s)! What lipstick were you wearing on Tuesday? 

  9. BeautyByAndriana
  10. ashley zachery

    love your vlogmas! would you consider vlogging more often